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Waterproof Technology of Nano-Coating for Hearing Aids

Consumers want their products to be waterproof, such as new watches, smart phones, or expensive outdoor sports boots. The most important waterproof product for hearing impaired people is their hearing aids. Here we mainly introduce the waterproof technology of hearing aids.

The most common damp conditions of hearing aids include short circuit and condensate water. Condensate water may also hinder the chemical reaction of zinc-air batteries through the pores, resulting in hearing aids power failure, battery leakage and even corrosion of the machine core. These dangerous dampness may come from air humidity, sweating by users and accidental water contamination. Damage to hearing aids caused by dampness makes users very disgusted and sometimes even unable to repair.

body hearing aid manufacturers has always wanted to make waterproof hearing aids. The methods tried in recent years include protective coatings, protective sheaths, drying tools, special desiccants, etc. Among them, the common method of moisture-proof from the fuselage is to wear a "new coat" - nano coating on ear-back hearing aids. The nano-coating makes the surface of the hearing aid body very smooth, and reduces the contact tension between water and oil. In the past, due to the capillary effect, moisture or sweat could easily enter the hearing aid through cracks, while nano-coating greatly weakened this effect, reduced the cleaning and maintenance of the hearing aid, and improved the reliability and service life of the hearing aid.

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