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  • Digital hearing aids vs analog...

    Hearing aid technology is advancing at the speed of light. Previous batteries were bulky and had limited battery life. Today's devices are smaller, more powerful, and more efficient in every way.Digit... more

  • How Much do You Know about Hea...

    1. What is a hearing aid? What types of hearing aids are there?Hearing aids are a kind of amplification device which can help the hearing impaired improve their hearing and speech communication abilit... more

  • Waterproof Level of Hearing Ai...

    Nano-coating refers to coating a very thin (nano-level) high-tech special material on the hearing aid shell, parts and joints of different parts to provide a protective layer and prevent moisture eros... more

  • Untold Secrets of Waterproof L...

    At present, the highest dust-proof and waterproof level of waterproof listening devices is IP68 (it means that dust-proof level reaches 6 degree and waterproof level reaches 8 degree). The waterproof ... more

  • Why Advocate Buying Small Ear...

    As long as the hearing of both ears decreases and there is no contraindication for bilateral selection, it is recommended to buy small ear amplifiers in both ears because:1. Selection of hearing aids ... more

  • Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batte...

    1. Rechargeable batteries and disposable batteriesPrimary batteries (conventional rechargeable hearing aid batteries), also known as disposable batteries, are designed to be used once and then be disc... more

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