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What are the Advantages of Rechargeable Hearing Aid Amplifier?

The commonly used rechargeable batteries for rechargeable hearing aid amplifier are nickel-hydrogen (NiMH) batteries and lithium batteries. The use of rechargeable batteries is not only environmentally friendly and waterproof, but also particularly suitable for people who are not flexible enough to change batteries. Many manufacturers of hearing aids have launched a variety of rechargeable series of hearing aids, which are also popular.

The hearing aid needs to be charged every night. If you forget to charge it, it won't be able to continue tomorrow. The machine can not work.

Despite the fact that a single zinc-air battery can be used for several days, it is not possible that a rechargeable battery can also be used for several days if it is charged once. The capacitance of rechargeable batteries is only 10% of that of zinc-air batteries of the same size. That is to say, if a 312 zinc-air battery can be exchanged for 10 days, a 312-size rechargeable battery can only be used for one day.

Now it has entered the wireless hearing aid age. Wireless technology is widely used in an advanced hearing aid. For example, the binaural transmission function is used almost every time. This wireless technology can speed up the power consumption of rechargeable hearing aid amplifier. Rechargeable batteries require larger volumes to run out safely enough for a day. Ultimately, rechargeable hearing aids are larger and less hidden.

As we all know, rechargeable batteries can be charged and discharged several hundred times, and rechargeable batteries for special purpose of rechargeable hearing aid amplifier can be charged and discharged several hundred times. The batteries need to be replaced once every 1-3 years when they are used at a frequency of flushing once a day. Rechargeable batteries are expensive, and the unit price is not lower than the total amount of zinc-air batteries purchased in the past 1-3 years (some manufacturers stipulate that rechargeable batteries are guaranteed at random and replaced free of charge). When replacing rechargeable batteries, they should be sent back to the manufacturer for replacement, during which there is no machine for several days.

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