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Untold Secrets of Waterproof Listening Devices

At present, the highest dust-proof and waterproof level of waterproof listening devices is IP68 (it means that dust-proof level reaches 6 degree and waterproof level reaches 8 degree). The waterproof coefficient of 8 means that hearing aids can still function normally after being placed a metre under water for 60 minutes under the test of a third-party testing institution.

1. Why can hearing aids be waterproof?

The unique craftsmanship of the outer and inner layers keeps the water out. The rubber ring inside the battery storage door is one of the waterproofing processes. Don't underestimate this. To make it small, light and waterproof, high-technology is needed.

2. Waterproof is not equal to sweat-proof, because sweat will turn into sweat vapor

Sweat is a form of evaporation of the human body, which is similar as the water evaporated by plants during photosynthesis. When we perspire constantly, we are actually steaming hot air. That's why we can see white air on our bodies when we sweat a lot in winter.

Although liquid sweat drops can not directly enter into the hearing aid, sweat vapor can invade the interior in the form of vapor, and form condensate with salt, and eventually become the culprit of corrosiveness.

If sweat rolls off or is wiped off, it will not evaporate, so the hearing aids users should use tissues or dry cloth to dry waterproof listening devices and sweep away sweat around the ears in time in daily life.

3. Waterproof is also not equal to moisture-proof

Even IP68-level of waterproof listening devices is the highest, it does not mean that the waterproof listening devices can endure moisture. In wet season or after rain, users should immediately use tissues or dry cloth to blot up moisture. Humidity will permeates everywhere just like air. Once it intrudes into the hearing aid, it will damp the electronic components.

Many users have the misunderstanding that every day after they go home they just need to put the hearing aids in the drying box and do nothing else. The hearing aids stay in the drying box for more than ten hours a day. During this period, although the water does not infiltrate directly, the tide has already sneaked in. So remember: once you have sweat, rain or in a humid environment, remove the hearing aid immediately and use a tissue to absorb moisture, then go home and dry.

4. Method of protecting hearing aids

Take good care of your hearing aid, it will bring you more comfortable listening. So what if my hearing aid doesn't reach the IP68 level of dust-proof and water-proof, or if I want to give it more protection? You can also add a pair of protective jackets to the hearing aids to absorb sweat, moisture and dust.

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