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Types of Hearing Aids

The commonly used hearing aids can be divided into wire box type (body worn hearing aid), ear back type, inner ear type, ear canal type, complete ear canal type, etc. The body hearing aids has a thin wire connected with the hearing aid box, which has high power and low price. It is mostly suitable for the elderly with severe deafness (hearing loss of more than 60 decibels) who are not active; ear-back hearing aids are compact and pocket-sized, with various powers. They are hung on the back of the ear for use. It is difficult to adjust when using them, but the price is moderate; The inner ear hearing aid (CE) is a kind of miniature, the shell is customized according to the patient's ear sample, put into the patient's ear concha cavity and external auditory canal for use, easy to generate feedback (screaming), others can see; the auditory canal hearing aid (CC) is more miniaturized and can be placed in the external auditory canal. It is not easy to see by others, but of course, it is very expensive; complete auditory canal hearing aid (CIC) is a kind of invisible hearing aid, put into the ear canal, very concealed, but the price is higher. The inner ear, ear canal, and complete ear canal hearing aids are also called customized machines. They are made according to the size and shape of the ear canal. They have the advantages of good sealing, easy to wear, clear voice, no murmur and no influence on patients' activities. Therefore, the ear-back type is the most economical way to choose hearing aids, and the ear-canal type and the inner-ear type are the best in terms of acoustic effect. From the technical point of view of hearing aids, with the rapid development of hearing aids technology, the appearance and internal quality of hearing aids have been greatly improved.

Hearing aids are used to amplify the selective frequencies of deafness at different frequencies. With the wide application of digital programming technology, it is possible to use hearing aids individually. According to the audio-gram curve of each patient's ear, this technique can adjust the hearing aids that each patient wears to make them better. That is to say, each patient has a hearing aid adapted to his own hearing curve. Modern microprocessor digital technology has brought digital hearing aids into a new era. Intelligent computer full digital hearing aids are on the market. When the environment changes, the hearing aids can automatically adjust to adapt to the new environment, making the sound clearer, more natural and more realistic. This intelligent all-computer digital chip can also be applied to hearing aids of various shapes so that the choice of hearing aids becomes dazzling and full of eyes.

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