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These Are The Causes Of Noise Of Hearing Aid

1. Shape and acoustic condition of human ear

Any ear canal can be considered as an acoustic resonance chamber, because resonance makes certain frequencies of sound more intense.

2. Problem of hearing aid housing or ear mold

The external acoustic feedback will not be generated if the outer shell size of the external hearing aid amplifier is appropriate and it is normally worn. However, when the gain of hearing aid is too high, the ventilation hole is too large, or the shell and ear mold are too small, and there is a gap between the ear canal, when the output of a hearing aid leaks out of a hole or a small gap in the ear canal, the acoustic output produced by the hearing aid in the ear canal exceeds the attenuation provided by the ear mold and shell. The sound output becomes unstable, and when the sound from the hearing aid goes back to the microphone, there's an external sound feedback. Once the feedback sound is amplified by the amplifier again, an amplification loop is formed within a fraction of a second, and the feedback signal gradually increases to a saturation output state.

3. Problem of hearing aid gain regulation

The volume of external hearing aids amplifier is too high or the high-frequency gain of hearing AIDS is too high. It's usually a high frequency sound that causes noise.

4. The problem of hearing aids

For many reasons, it is impossible for any transmitter to guarantee an absolute flatness of the frequency response curve. There must be spikes at some frequency. Therefore, when the speaker plays the sound, there will be phenomenon with strong frequency sound, and this strong frequency sound may cause the noise. The frequency response curve of the microphone cannot be guaranteed to be absolutely straight. It is inevitable of excessive sensitivity to pick up certain frequencies. It means a microphone with different sensitivity to different frequencies will produce a sound output process for certain frequencies. The result may be acoustic feedback at these frequencies. In general, microphones are more sensitive to certain frequencies at higher frequencies, making it easier to scream at higher frequencies.

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