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What's the Difference Between Analog Hearing Aids and Digital Hearing Aids?

1.From the core, analog hearing aids are composed of a large number of electronic components, Cao Yong analog circuit. The core is analog amplifier, and signal processing is analog. The core of the full digital hearing aid is a very small computer chip, which is equivalent to a small computer. It uses logic circuit, that is to say, the input signal is calculated and then output, and the signal processing is digital.

2. From the aspect of audiology, the traditional hearing aids are mostly linear amplification, that is to say, they amplify the light, medium and heavy sounds equally, resulting in inability to hear in a low voice and very uncomfortable to hear in a loud voice, which will seriously damage the ear and aggravate the hearing loss. Digital hearing aids are amplified non-linearly, which sounds clear and comfortable and helps to protect hearing.

3. Functionally speaking, digital hearing aids also have many advantages that analog hearing aids do not have. All-digital hearing aids can be processed very quickly, just like a detector, which automatically changes with the environment. It will automatically analyze the environment, if in noisy environment, it will play an automatic noise reduction function, amplify the voice, and reduce the noise, thereby improving language understanding, sounds very comfortable.

4.All-digital hearing aids also have the advantages of small size, long battery life, high stability and strong anti-interference ability. In short, all-digital hearing aids have high language clarity, high sound quality and comfortable hearing. More and more people are choosing all-digital hearing aids, which reflect the effect very well.

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