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Selection and Use of Hearing Aids

At present, the more common hearing aids on the market include: body hearing aid, ear-back hearing aids, ear-canal hearing aids, deep ear-canal hearing aids.

1.body hearing aid: The main advantages are high power, low price and easy operation; the disadvantage is not beautiful and inconvenient to wear.

2.ear-back hearing aids: Compared with the box machine, it has the advantages of small size, beautiful appearance, obvious weakening of low-frequency reflection enhancement of human trunk, no need for customization, and many installable functions; The disadvantage is located behind the ear, volume adjustment is not easy to operate.

3.ear-canal hearing aids: It is small and beautiful. It is located in the ear canal and retains the normal shape of the auricle structure. It is more in line with the physiological characteristics of the human ear and helps to increase acoustic gain and source localization. The main shortcomings are: not suitable for children, easily influenced by cerumen , small size and difficult to operate.

4.deep ear-canal hearing aids: It can reduce the ear plugging effect, has high fidelity, improves the sound source location, reduces the requirement for gain, has good fixation, strong concealment and less damage opportunities; however, the shortcomings are limited output power, damp damage to internal parts of the ear canal, high price and unsuitable for children.

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