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What is the Best Brand of Hearing Aids for Elderly?

What is the best brand of hearing aid? How does the old man choose his hearing aid? The ear is one of the many functions of the body that get worse with age. So what's the best type of hearing aid? Here's what's best about hearing aids.
It is not uncommon for older people to have trouble hearing, and thoughtful children have provided hearing aids for their parents. But most people don't know about hearing aids, so

what's the best brand for hearing aids? How to buy best hearing aids for older adults?
1. Select best hearing aids for older adults under the guidance of professionals
The selection of hearing aids should not be taken lightly, because there are so many types of hearing aids, people with hearing impairment must choose a suitable hearing aid through ear, hearing inspection and testing under the guidance of professional personnel. When using hearing aids, pay attention to the correct way of switching on and off, volume control and battery replacement.
2. Types of hearing aids
Hearing aids can be classified into five types according to their appearance: box type, glasses type, ear back type, ear inner type and bone guide hearing aid. Among them, eyeglass, auricle and inner ear hearing aid, also known as ear hearing aid, ear hearing aids receive sound in a more physiological way than other types of hearing aids.
3. Selection and matching of hearing aid
1) Track your medical history
You should know how long you have been suffering from hearing loss, what tests and treatments have been done, whether you have worn a hearing aid, how effective they are, and so on.
2) Check the ear
Patients should be carefully checked whether the auricle shape is normal; Whether the external auditory canal is unobstructed; Whether tympanic membrane is complete, whether there is tympanic membrane entrapment, middle ear effusion, perforation, inflammatory polyp.
3) Check the hearing and analyze the results. Select the power and hearing curve matching hearing aid for debugging. Use computer software and long - term conversation map to test results.

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