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What is Better for Digital Hearing Aids Than Traditional Hearing Aids?

When a hearing aid converts an acoustic signal into an electrical signal in a microphone, the electrical signal changes due to the continuous change of the external acoustic signal, and the signal of the amplified partial language frequency is larger than other parts, so that the language can be heard clearly in a quiet situation, and it can be adjusted with a series of fine-tuning, and then partially meet the patient's requirements.

After the digital hearing aid converts the acoustic signal into an electrical signal in the microphone, the filter is used to minimize the distortion of the signal and to perform frequent sampling. Typically, the sampling rate is 10,000 or more per second, and then each sample point is binary coded using an analog to digital converter. Digital processing in the central processing unit or microprocessor, using different calculation methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, etc. to achieve their respective adjustment purposes. After the microprocessor or central processor finishes its work, it is converted back with a digital-to-analog converter, and the filtering is performed once to minimize the distortion and finally to the receiver.

It turns out that digital hearing aids have unparalleled advantages over analog hearing aids.

The physical quality of the digital processor is smaller than that of the analog hearing aid that can perform the same function. This is that the hearing aid can be made smaller, just to satisfy the psychology of hearing loss. Energy saving is another advantage of digital hearing aids.

Most people who wear hearing aids are neurological deafness, accompanied by resilience symptoms, such as sudden loud sounds that make the wearer feel headache, head swelling and so on. The surrounding environment will not always be quiet when in use. They demanded that they can hear the conversation in a noisy environment, and asked for a small sound to be heard. They would not feel uncomfortable after loudly zooming in. At this point, digital hearing aids can provide more effective and more interventional means than conventional hearing aids.

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