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The Advantages of Cic Hearing Aids

The cic hearing aids are located in the ear canal deeper than ordinary canal hearing aids, basically hidden in the canal, which are also known as complete canal hearing aids.

The advantages of cic hearing aids:

Reduce the occlusion effect

The ear occlusion effect means that after the ear arm cavity or the external auditory canal is occluded by the hearing aid or the ear mold, the patient feels that his voice is echo-like or sounds dull and unnatural. The ear occlusion effect is mainly limited to the medium and low frequency sound below 2000 Hz. The traditional solution is to expand the ear mold vent or use an open ear mold, but it is easy to cause acoustic feedback and change the frequency response range of the hearing aid. The full ear canal hearing aid is located deep in the ear canal to reduce or eliminate the occlusion effect.

Increase sound gain

The auricle has the function of reflecting and refracting sound waves, which can increase the sound pressure of the external sound at the microphone position.

Increased sound pressure at the tympanic membrane

The cic hearing aid is located deep in the ear canal, resulting in a reduction in the volume of the external auditory canal. According to the inverse relationship between volume and pressure, the volume is reduced and the pressure is increased.

Increase head room and reduce distortion

The so-called head room refers to the difference between the actual gain and the maximum gain of the hearing aid. Since the cic hearing aid is located in the deep ear canal, the actual gain of the cic hearing aid can be relatively reduced, resulting in an increase in headroom, which can improve the sound quality of the hearing aid with less distortion.

Improve sound source localization

The normal auricle has the function of collecting sound, and the uneven structure on the auricle surface produces different reflections and resonances to sound sources from different azimuths and heights, thereby producing a filtering effect. This filtering function of the auricle is considered play an important role in sound source localization. The cic hearing aid is located deep in the ear canal and retains the normal auricle structure. Therefore, it helps to locate the sound source.

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