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How To Maintain The Hearing Help Devices?

First, develop the habit of cleaning hearing help devices every day. Wipe the wax in the ear or other small particles piling up around the hearing aid ear canal, volume adjustment knob and battery compartment with the brush. Then gently wipe the hearing aid with a soft cloth.

Do not use solvents, cleaning fluid or oil to clean hearing help devices. Once you get used to wearing a hearing aid, sometimes you forget it's working, so be sure to pull it out when you're swimming, bathing, or using an hair spray. If your hearing aid is damp, don't use a drying tool such as an oven, microwave or hair dryer -- it can damage your hearing help devices. You need to remove damp batteries, open the hearing aid battery door, and place the hearing help devices on a towel in a safe place to remove moisture.

(1) keep it away from moisture

To maintain the hearing help devices, keeping it away from moisture is the key point. Do not forget that keep your hearing devices dry. Remove them when you are washing, bathing, swimming or it is raining. The way to prevent moisture of every hearing help device is the same. Remove the hearing aid every night before going to bed and put it in a desiccant container. When the color of the desiccant changes, it should be treated accordingly and updated if necessary. Hearing help devices do not directly contact with the desiccant, in case of moisture desiccant corrosion.

(2) Cleaning

Proper cleaning can improve the service life and effect of hearing help devices. Hearing help devices need to be often worn, and the excrement produced by the human body (such as ear wax, ear secretion, etc.) will affect the service life of hearing help devices to varying degrees, so it is required that every user wearing hearing help devices must often clean hearing help devices.

The following is specific cleaning method of the hearing help devices: After the use of it every day, clean the wax and sweat from the surface of the hearing aid with a soft, dry cloth. For custom machines, check whether the sound tube is blocked with earwax and whether the microphone entrance is blocked with dust. If the situation is found, then clean it with a special brush. For behind the ear hearing aid. If the ear mold sound guide tube is blocked by earwax, it should be cleaned in time. If there are small droplets in the ear mold sound guide tube, suck the droplets out or dry the droplets. For a pocket hearing aid, the earwax in the earplug should be cleaned.

(3)Preserve and replace batteries

When the users do not use the hearing aid, they should open the battery compartment door and remove the battery. When the battery power is lower than a certain level, the hearing aid will stop working, have the prompt of beep or the sound quality becomes rough and unstable. At this point, the battery should be replaced immediately, pay attention to the battery polarity during the replacement. If not used for a long time, the battery should be removed to prevent battery leakage corrosion to hearing help devices.

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