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Analog Hearing Aids and Digital Hearing Aids Which Consume More Power

With the development of electronic technology, hearing aids have entered the digital age from analog machines. From simple volume adjustment, high and low frequency, output, inflection point and other fine adjustments to fine adjustment through computer frequency band, channel, automatic feedback management, automatic noise management, etc., it also reflects the hearing aid from a simple amplifier into a nano technology product. The power of the digital hearing aids requires a particularly high voltage and current during operation, and must be above a specific voltage and current value. Because the digital hearing aids need to process the sound while amplifying the sound, it also needs to detect and automatically convert the ambient noise, as well as the control of the feedback, the current events of the digital storage, and a variety of prompts, etc. The ground has increased the consumption of batteries. At the same time, we tested and compared the static operating current of the simulator and digital machine (operating current without sound input).

First, the test results of the analog machine: the static working current of the standard line is between 0.40 and 0.60 mA, the static working current of the high power line is between 0.95 and 1.20 mA, and the static working current of the compressed line is between 0.70 and 0.98 mA. . The static working current of the digital machine is not less than 1.00 mA.

In addition, we compare the working process of the analog machine and the digital machine (set the same output), and find that the output sound gradually decreases with the battery power consumption until the battery is exhausted, according to the number of days used by different types of hearing aids. However, digital hearing aids have a low-power detection system. When the power is lower than a specific voltage and current value, a beep will sound and then stop working. The number of days used is about one week, but not less than three days. After the electroscope is used, the battery used in the simulator has no electricity, and the battery used in the digital machine has residual voltage. At the same time, we have also tested the batteries of various brands. During the development of the battery, the increase in the amount of electricity is not very large, but the power requirements of the hearing aids have changed more.


1. Hearing aids are Class II medical devices, and the state implements a strict licensing system for services in the industry. In order to ensure that you wear appropriate hearing aids, don't go to the store to buy them lightly, and don't think that you can't make mistakes in the future. Be sure to go to a qualified professional hearing service center for fitting. Hearing aids are not as expensive as possible, and the best for you.

2. the auditory nerve will be used to retreat, so patients with hearing loss should be equipped with hearing aids. Don't wait until the deafness develops to a very serious level. Long-term wear of hearing aids can restore degraded auditory function. So if you have hearing loss, you should wear a hearing aid as soon as possible.

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