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How Much do You Know about Hearing Aids?

1. What is a hearing aid? What types of hearing aids are there?

Hearing aids are a kind of amplification device which can help the hearing impaired improve their hearing and speech communication ability. There are several types of hearing aids, such as box type, glasses type, behind-the-ear type, inner ear type and ear canal type, among which the inner ear type is most widely used. While ear canal hearing aids, known as "hidden hearing aids", are deeply loved by young and middle-aged people because they are small ear amplifiers being placed in the deep ear canal and are completely undetected.

2. When should we wear hearing aids?

No matter for adults or infants, when their average hearing loss is more than 40 dB, they can not improve their hearing by means of medicine, surgery or other treatments. Hearing aids should be selected if they are diagnosed with irreversible hearing loss by doctors.

3. Who is suitable for hearing aids?

Any deafness patients of any nature who wants to improve speech communication ability are suitable for hearing aids. Generally speaking, people with moderate hearing loss benefit most from hearing aids.

4. What are the benefits of wearing hearing aids?

The purpose of choosing hearing aids is not only to improve language comprehension to the greatest extent, but also to improve the quality of life and social competence of patients. The development of children's speech and perception ability mainly depends on the auditory signals they get. If infants with hearing impairment are not treated properly in time, they will inevitably  suffer speech impairment. That’s why most deafness patients are also dumb. Therefore, it is important to find early, match early, stimulate the development of speech, and reduce the possibility of social disconnection. Young and middle-aged patients are the backbone of society. Hearing impairment will cause less opportunity to receive education, narrower scope of employment, less job opportunities and smaller possibility to have employment promotion, so wearing hearing aids is particularly important. For elderly patients, scientific experiments with hearing aids can help improve hearing, the quality of life, and avoid the occurrence of loneliness, Alzheimer's disease and mental illness.

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