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Eight Misunderstandings in Wearing Hearing Machine for the Old People

Misunderstanding 1. Once hearing problems arise, go directly to buy hearing machine for old people.

When hearing problems arise, don't buy hearing aids on your own. First, go to a regular hospital or a professional testing center for hearing testing and match according to the appraisal report, and then choose from a regular store licensed by the manufacturer. When purchasing, you must choose a regular matching center and purchase it on the advice of a professional qualified hearing aids tester to do the purchase and adjustment.

Misunderstanding 2. Deafness can be cured without hearing machine for old people.

Many old people do not listen to the advice of the doctor after being told that when they need hearing aids, which makes them feel that it can not cure totally. They seek medical advice everywhere in the hope of finding a complete cure. In fact, there is no effective treatment for neurological deafness in the world at present. Early wearing hearing aids can not only effectively solve daily communication problems, but also help improve speech discrimination, slow down the atrophy of auditory nerve and brain, and prevent the occurrence of senile depression and dementia.

Misunderstanding 3. Wearing will have the dependence, hearing declines faster.

Some elderly people are reluctant to wear hearing machine for old people because they fear that they will depend on them. They are afraid that they will never be able to take them off again if they wear them. On the contrary, they will make their hearing decline faster. In theory, hearing aids can delay the decline of hearing and maintain the original speech recognition ability. Studies have shown that early wearing hearing aids can protect patients' speech recognition function of central nervous system in time and effectively prevent the decline of nervous function.

Misunderstanding 4. The expensive is the good.

The hearing machine for old people are not in a situation that the more expensive it is, the better it is. The best is which is suitable for their own. When patients hearing impair are uncertain which hearing aid is more suitable for themselves, it is better to go to the hearing aid testing center for audition, so as to compare the experience of different brands horizontally; and then compare vertically, choose a brand from the high, middle and low grades for audition, and then consider comprehensively according to the effect and price of audition as the best, only choosing the right one, not the expensive one.

Misunderstanding 5. You can wear only one ear with hearing loss of the two ears.

It is understood that some patients who wear hearing aids on one ear are not satisfied with the effect of wearing them at the later stage, especially in places where the environment is noisy or crowded, are often unable to hear what others are saying. A large number of experiments have proved that binaural hearing aids can significantly improve speech recognition rate, having more sense of direction than single ear, and can also increase the stereo sense of voice, making the voice clear and full.

Misunderstanding 6. Wear it when you need it, but don't wear it at ordinary times.

Some old people wear hearing aids only when they need them, and usually take them off. For example, it's not very good to take it with you only when you watch TV at night or when you go out. Wearing hearing aids requires an adaptive process. Intermittent wearing will affect the adaptive ability of the hearing nerve. In order to achieve the better communicating and wearing effect, it is recommended that patients with hearing impair wear hearing aids every day not only wear when needed.

Misunderstanding 7. After wearing it, the voice does not need to be adjusted.

Some old people don't adjust their hearing aids after wearing them. Actually, just like the health of their body which will fluctuate, the hearing of patients with hearing loss does not keep the same state every day. If the hearing changes, the hearing aids are not adjusted accordingly, which can't achieve good wearing effect. Therefore, it is suggested that patients owning hearing loss should go to the regular hearing aid testing center for hearing review after a period of time, especially when they feel hearing effect is not as good as before,. If there is any change in hearing, it should be adjusted in time, so that the effect of hearing aid can be adjusted to the best state. Nowadays, most of hearing aids are digital hearing aids, which have many functions. Only after debugging many times can each function achieve the most satisfactory results.

Misunderstanding 8. Don't protect your ears after wearing them.

Some old people wear hearing aids and neglect to protect their ears. In fact, hearing aids only play the role of amplifying sound, and at the situation of no residual hearing, hearing aids will not have the effect, so they should pay attention to protecting the ears at all times. Mainly do the things from the following aspects: 1. Maintain a comfortable mood, have a regular life and ensure adequate sleep time; 2. Avoid noise and loud stimulation at ordinary times; 3. Avoid the use of ototoxic drugs, such as gentamicin, streptomycin; 4. Eat less greasy food; 5. Do some ear health exercises, and so on.

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