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Cleaning And Maintenance Of Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

1.Clean the ear mould every day.

Wipe with a dry, soft cloth and always check the opening of the ear mold to make sure it is not blocked by wax. A blocked opening will prevent sound from getting into your ear. Ear muffs should be cleaned weekly. If you have any of the following problems, consult an audiologist:

--Ear mold feels painful or discomfort.

-- the wax cannot be removed from the ear mold

--The hearing aid squeals and cannot be set at the appropriate volume

Important note:

Before cleaning, be sure to separate the ear mold and behind the ear hearing aids. Pocket hearing aid must not touch water. Make sure both parts are completely dry before joining them together. When connecting the ear mold and hearing aid, ensure that the ear mold and hearing aid are matched by the curved part.


(1)volume reduction

-- low battery -- replace the battery

-- the sound exit is blocked with earwax -- clean it with a small brush. Replace the earwax filter

-- microphone entrances is blocked -- consult a hearing care professional

(2) hearing aids whistle in the ear

-- wearing hearing AIDS incorrectly. Please rewear it.

A hearing aid is worn in the wrong ear - exchange it.

-- hearing AIDS are too loose to wear -- consult a hearing care professional

3) the hearing aid does not work

-- no batteries are installed -- install the batteries

-- the battery compartment is not closed -- close the battery compartment

-- the battery is dirty -- clean the battery surface

-- low battery -- replace the battery

(4) the hearing aid slipped from the ear

-- if the ear canal is moist or dirty -- wipe the hearing aid and ear with a soft, dry cloth

(5)have an earache when wearing the hearing aid

-- the hearing aids are not worn correctly -- remove it and re-wear. If problems persist, consult a hearing specialist.

(6)hearing AIDS are difficult to wear

-- before wearing a hearing aid, apply a small, nonirritating drop of oil to your finger and then apply it to the opening of the ear canal. Make sure that the oil does not enter the sound outlet or the microphone orifice.

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