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Can Analog Hearing Aid Replace Digital Hearing Aid?

Although it may be difficult to distinguish an analog hearing aid from a digital hearing aid in appearance, there is a big difference between the two.

1. Different amplification lines
Analog hearing aids use linear amplification circuit,  and it can only amplify the sound. Digital hearing aids use nonlinear amplification circuit, and it can automatically determine the sound of the external environment. It automatically controls the degree of amplification according to the user's comfort level, avoiding the phenomenon of "Low voice can not be heard, and loud is uncomfortable" to simulator users.

2. Speech intelligibility in noisy environment
In the noise environment, most of the digital hearing aids can automatically identify the fixed frequency of noise and compress it effectively, highlight the voice of speech frequency, so as to effectively improve the user's speech intelligibility.

3.Design the compensation curve
Digital hearing aids can automatically design different compensation curves according to the user's different hearing loss situation and the degree of sound sensation to meet the users' auditory needs at the most extent.

4. Frequency division amplification and multi - program control
digital ear machine adopts Frequency division technology. The application of multiband processing technology ensures the accuracy and comfort of hearing compensation.

Digital hearing aids can be used to set up different listening programsaccording to the user's different environment such as quiet environment, noisy environment, music environment, inductance environment.

Digital hearing aids using microcomputer chip technology can automatically control the users' demand for hearing compensation and reduce the user self - adjusting micro - switch to the maximum extent, which effectively avoids hearing aid failure.

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